Hi There!

My name is Sarah.

I am an enthusiast of all things health, happiness and movement.

I am also an earth-child from a farm in The Middle of Nowhere. My second name is Nomvula – The One Who Brings the Rain – because it rained for days when I was born (this is a bigger deal in the Karoo I assure you!). I think it’s safe to say my upbringing was fairly unconventional, and even though I am now a big-city girl, my early days shaped me into a gentle-natured person with an adventurous spirit. 

Caring for others has always been the most prominent theme in my life. It is also what has carried me through to the career I am pursuing today. I am a self-proclaimed nerd and have dedicated myself to a life-long pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, both personally and professionally. More importantly, however, I strive to treat you with the same compassion, respect and care that I would my closest friends and family.

In terms of further training and interests in my field, I am a member of the Primary Spine Practitioner Network and have done further training in the role of providing primary care for spine-related complaints such as back pain, neck pain and headaches. I have also trained with Professor Stuart McGill, a leading spine biomechanics researcher, and use his methods to guide my in-depth assessments of people with chronic low back pain.

Although I consider Spine to be my passion and special interest, I have also done further hands-on Sports Chiropractic training in order to improve my skills in treating recreational and professional athletes, as well as a certification in Pilates Teacher Training. 

Before opening my own practice, I worked both as a locum being mentored by more experienced chiropractors, as well as doing volunteer work at the World Spine Care clinic in Botswana.

But that’s enough About Me.

I look forward to meeting You.