Does Posture Matter?

You’ve probably heard someone tell you to “sit up straight” at least once in your lifetime. But would that really fix your back pain? “…no single, ideal sitting posture exists for any length of time. Rather, a variable posture is recommended to minimize the risk of tissue overload.” – Professor Stuart McGill, Low Back Disorders …

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How To Carry Groceries

I realise that doesn’t sound like the world’s most fascinating topic, but you can substitute the word ‘groceries’ with anything from kettlebells to suitcases. Or puppies.  The findings of a study comparing carrying something with one hand vs two found that “…carrying loads in one hand causes more spine load than doubling the load by carrying …

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Brain Smudging

While the term “brain smudging” may summon thoughts of the last time you walked into a room and couldn’t remember how you got there, it actually doesn’t have much to do with forgetfulness or an ageing brain.  In fact, it is not entirely a negative thing either. Smudging is actually a protective response of the brain. …

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